Frequently Asked Questions

About Element
Q. Are you a local storefront theater and/or a theatre company?
A. No, Element is a festival for new plays, not a theatre company.  We are not affiliated with any specific theatrical space, and we also welcome the participation and contribution of anyone who is interested -- we are not a closed group. 

Play selection

Q. Who selects the plays?
A. The Play Selection Committee is comprised of writers, directors, and actors, many of whom are previous Element participants. 

Q. Can I get feedback on my play if it’s not chosen?
A. Yes! In order to fund the festival and keep submission affordable for all playwrights, we have decided to offer a service where the Play Selection Committee offers specific, detailed critique on plays for a fee of $20 (subject to changes based on page count).  More information will be available later tonight, but if you would like to ask questions or get started, you can email us.

Being an Element playwright
Q. Will you retain any rights to my play?
A. No.  Element reserves the right to use your name, photo and bio, and the play’s title or titles (if you change it) for promotional purposes, but that’s it. 

Q. Will Element pay for my travel and housing if I am not from Chicago?
A. Unfortunately, we don't have the financial resources to pay for out-of-town playwrights' travel and housing. 

Working with us in other ways
Q. I’m not a playwright, but I want to be involved/help with Element.  How do I do that?
A. We would be very happy to have your financial support and/or in-kind donations; you can find out more here.

Q. Does Element have fundraising events I can go to?
A. Yes! We are planning multiple events for the coming months.  Email us to be put on the email list to find out about fun stuff we're planning.  Information about fundraising events and other Element news will also be available soon on Facebook.

Q. What will it be like to be a director or actor for an Element play?
A. We are committed to helping the playwrights understand their plays' strengths and weaknesses, so we ask that directors and actors approach each play with the goal of interpreting the text as precisely as they are able.  It can be challenging to work with a text that is constantly changing, but the process sharpens your ability to make quick, strong choices and requires you to commit totally and immediately to your work.

Q. I still have questions! What do I do?
A. Email our executive producer, Erica Hohn.