Support Us

Tough economic times are tough for everyone, and we recognize that you may not have the freedom to give to endeavors like ours the way you might have before.  We appreciate whatever support you are able to give us, and hope to make our fundraising events and the festival itself extra-amazing, so you get maximum bang for your buck.

Our fundraising goal is set at $2000 to cover all costs of our production: renting theater space, arranging the lighting, feeding our patrons during meet-and-greets, and preparing publicity materials. 

We also gladly accept in-kind donations, and can pick them up from wherever you are.   

What we need:
-Food to feed our artists for a week and concessions for our guests.
-Printing services to make sure that our actors have paper scripts for staged readings and notetaking during rehearsals.  It is very important to us to minimize our use of paper and remain environmentally-friendly, but certain aspects of the festival require printing.
-Volunteers to assist with ushering, cleaning, concessions, administrative work, etc.
-Tickets for local theater productions, to raffle off.

For in-kind donations, information on where to send a check, or other questions, please contact our business manager, Brandon Boler.  You can also donate with a credit card or PayPal account using the button below.