Mary Mikva

This is a comment for Jake, which I could not quite articulate while we were doing the reading. First, I think you write wonderful stuff for actors. Everything each character said and did (yes, even Chris throwing Peter off the cliff) was justified and something the actors could believe in. The dialogue was written the way people talk and it made it easy for the actors to get behind it. I think actors will always love to do your stuff. However, I think you need to be careful not to confuse actors--even though you may want to leave the audience with some ambiguity. This echoes (forgive me) back to the initial confusion we all had as to why Chris pushes Peter off and whether he was evil and would hurt other people. You will not always be there to clarify and I think you may have included things that might confuse. I am not sure what caused the confusion for us but it might have been Chris' seemingly uncaring attitude in portions of the scene following Peter's death. Overall, it was great working on your piece and I look forward to seeing more great stuff from you.


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